We can supply a wide range of training related equipment priced cheaper than you can buy in the shops. All the equipment we supply has been tested and approved by your instructors and the association, so you can be sure of quality and longevity. If there is something you would like that is not listed here please just ask your instructor, they will be more than happy to supply it.

Gloves £25.00

Boots £25.00

Head guard £20.00

Groin guard (male) £10.00

Groin guard (female) £10.00

Bundle price (gloves, boots, head guard, groin guard) £60.00

Do-bok (official TUK) £35.00

Kick Shield £35.00

Gum shield (self mold) £5.00

Gum shield (pro fit) £45.00

Kit Bag £25.00

Track suit (official TUK) £45.00

Breaker boards £19.00

One to one training (ph) £35.00