Some comments from students and parents:

"For those of you who are looking to a start a Martial Art or looking to try Taekwondo, then we would certainly recommend Warwick-TKD. The club caters for all abilities and provides excellent and well structured instruction in a friendly environment. As a family all three of us have been part of this excellent club for nearly two years and gained so much in terms of fitness, self-defence and a new skill in Taekwondo - alongside training with excellent people. If you like sparring, competitions, self-defence, improved fitness, weight loss or just a personal challenge then this club has it all. Highly recommended!!!"

"My kids started at another club when they were 4 and 5 and achieved black belt by age 10. They moved to the black belt training of Warwick-TKD 18 months ago and they love it. Their confidence is great, they get kudos at school and their fitness is good. The instructors are fantastic, taking no nonsense and inspiring the kids to better performance. Can only say, if you are thinking of a martial art, choose this one, at this club."

"Exciting, friendly, varied, understanding club with dedicated instructors. Would absolutely recommend"

"Great club, really friendly instructors and an enjoyable atmosphere, competitive when it counts!"

"They say those that can't do teach! Not the case at this club"

“Thank you for everything you have done this year as [my son] has had lots of fun and learnt a great deal”

“Thank you so much for your guidance, dedication and enthusiasm in teaching [our daughter] Taekwon-Do – she/we are lucky to have you!”

“TKD is a great outlet for [my son’s] energy and enthusiasm but in a structured and disciplined way.”

“Thank you for making Taekwondo so enjoyable and helping to keep me 5 stone lighter than I was 2 years ago!”

“I wish to thank you for all you time and effort and encouragement and most of all being so organised and communicative.”

“May I say a very big thank you for allowing [our son] the chance to join in & experience Taekwon-Do, & for encouraging him to do the best that he can.”