With the coloured belt grading just around the corner and the Mark Scriven championships next month the Central Region Fight club saw a good turnout with students from Warwick, Stratford and North Leamington clubs including some of Warwick TKD new white belts keen to invest time to make improvements for these events and to generally improve their TKD in this fun high energy class.

After a good warm up and conditioning session the class moved on to practicing offensive combinations, building form a typical set up technique covering the gap and transitioning into effective scoring technique options. We then explored and practiced how to convert to a defensive position from these combinations to minimise the scoring opportunity of our competitor. We finished the session free sparring implementing these learns.

A great energetic session with an enthusiastic group of students keen to learn and progress, great to see the white belts there. Visit our Instagram page for some of the videos of the session -https://www.instagram.com/warwicktkd/