The quarterly coloured belt grading for the TUK Central Area was held yesterday in Stratford Upon Avon with 11 students entered from the Warwick TKD club.

After 4 hours of thorough testing consisting of line work, patterns, set sparring free sparring, hosin sul and destruction, the children in the morning followed by the adults and juniors, I’m pleased to announce the results:

  • Ollie Barlow - Promoted to 3rd Kup

  • Kajetan Boniewski - Promoted to 5th Kup

  • Peter Gearing - Promoted to 7th Kup (A pass)

  • Kareem Farag - Promoted to 7th Kup

  • Youssef Farag - Promoted to 7th Kup

  • Matthew Boucher - Promoted to 8th Kup

  • Thea Roberts - Promoted to 8th Kup (A pass)

  • Alex Darlow - Promoted to 9th Kup (A pass)

  • Henry Lion - Promoted to 9th Kup (A pass)

  • Jackie Darlow - Promoted to 9th Kup

  • Michael Tildesley - Promoted to 9th Kup

An excellent result with four A passes demonstrating that commitment and diligent training and practice pays off. Well done everyone continuing the high standards of the club. Also a big thank you to all our amazing Assistant Instructors for preparing you all so well.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 12.32.41.png