Last Sunday Warwick TKD entered a team into the annual T-UK Mark Scriven Championships held in Stratford Upon Avon. There was an excellent turn out with a number of other top UK associations putting teams in to the competition including many current England team members.


At Warwick we had been training hard for the last 2 months getting every one conditioned and prepared for the competition, this paid off with some excellent results well done all of you representing the club and performing at such a high standard:

  • Jack Rowe – Bronze Patterns, Silver Sparring

  • John Hoult – Bronze Sparring, Silver - MS power breaking 

  • Keegan Costine – Silver Patterns

  • Ellis Roberts – Gold Patterns, Gold Sparring

  • David Angell – Bronze Patterns, Bronze Sparring

  • Bieshoy Awad – Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring

  • Thea Roberts – Gold Sparring

  • Henry Lion – Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring

As well as the medal winners well done to everyone else that stepped up, competed and gave it your all, adding to your journey, growth and development within TKD.

The annual Mark Scriven power breaking competition was also held half way through the day with all rings suspended to allow everyone to compete or watch. This consisted of about 25 black belts competing to break 6 wooden boards with any technique of their choice. At the end of the first round only 2 people were successful Mr Jason Wright from Stratford and our very own Mr John Hoult for Warwick both obliterating the boards with their right footed kick. It then went down to a break off with a left footed technique. Mr Hoult went first breaking half the boards, a great attempt, however Mr Wright delivered an excellent back kick and triumphed. Well done both of you a stunning example of power breaking.

John break.jpg

Lastly, thank you to all the black belts that assisted me in running ring 4 all day enabling a well run, efficient ring enabling some excellent competition as well as making my job running the ring so much easier and less challenge :

  • Steven Robinson - Nuneaton

  • David Spiller - Cambridge

  • John Hoult - Warwick

  • Alison Webb - Trident manchester

  • Alan Porter - Nuneaton

  • Rachel Hoult - Warwick