We take pride in the mentoring of our students at Warwick-TKD; even before students take their black belts we begin to mentor them in correct teaching methods and give them sections of the class to lead under the watchful eye of the experienced Instructors.  As their skills and confidence grow we put more and more responsibility on to them.

This month saw Jack and Molly Rowe successfully take their 2nd Degree black belts. They started TKD at ages 5 and 4 years old respectively, they are now 18 and 17 years old and have been on the mentoring program for a couple of years.

I’m pleased to announce that they have now been invited on to the clubs Instructor team and will officially take on the position of Assistant Instructors. Their primary responsibility will be growing and developing the new children’s class that has just started at Warwick-TKD. They are ideally placed to take on this role due to their experience coming from the same age group as the new class members to where they are now with 13 years experience in TKD! They will also be assisted by Ellis Roberts who has just entered the mentoring program. Its great to welcome you both on to the team.

TKD = growth, development, confidence, skills, a better you!

The younger years :)

The younger years :)

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