17 coloured belt students from Warwick-TKD attended the T-UK Central region block grading in Stratford upon Avon at the weekend. After a tough promotion test testing their abilities to deliver techniques, patterns, set sparring, free sparring, self defence techniques, destruction for the higher grades and testing their TKD knowledge and terminology I am pleased to announce that all 17 passed. Well done all of you, it shows that putting in hard work and preparing properly reaps rewards.

As it was the last class of the year we also awarded the student of the year shield. This year was different to other years; the instructor team decided that the shield would be awarded to two students this year as it was too difficult to decide between them. The shield was awarded to brother and sister Jack and Molly Rowe who were recently promoted to 2nd degree black belt, for their contribution and support to the club, excellent commitment to the association, competing at all competitions and striving to constantly improve.

We also brought in a new award this year for junior member of the year, this was awarded to Ellis Roberts. Ellis has shown total commitment to TKD and the club, training twice a week and hardly ever missing a lesson, entering all competitions on offer, she assists the delivery of the new Junior club and takes it upon herself to help anyone in the club that needs it without prompting showing great maturity.